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Ransomware Attacks

The ransomware infection will put you in a difficult situation. The damage that WannaCry and Petya have caused has made people more wary, leading to stricter security measures against the constant threat of being attacked by these malicious software programs. Developments over this past year with ransomware makes handling such an attack delicate as well as hard because there is no real solution for it yet other than following rigorous protection procedures which can take up precious resources like staff time or data storage space at times when they are most needed elsewhere on your network.

A Ransomware Victim

The hospital with 680 networked windows 380 in a central office, and another 300 in satellite offices. When the incident response team arrived to identify what happened at their client’s location they found that there was no protection or security tools put into place for any of their networks. The walls had absolutely nothing installed on them to stop anything from getting through which could’ve allowed an intruder access without being noticed before hand by anyone else except themselves as members of the IT staff who are already overwhelmed with everything else going on because it is difficult enough just keeping up with maintenance tasks when you have so many different problems coming your way all at once and then having one more thing added onto it doesn’t help much either.

The Malware

A phishing email in their Office 365 system.

The Demand

150 Bitcoins (about $1,734,000)

The Outcome

A good portion of the files where able to be recovered, but the servers where severly locked down. Ransome was able to be talked down to 3.9793 bitcoin. They did not have proper security measures in place, nor a disaster recovery & backup plan that was efficient enough to bounce back in a timely manner.

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