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Let us help you to keep your business afloat in a crisis

Data is invaluable, meaning you really cannot put a price tag on it. Why play around with the most important asset of your company? Instead, work with us and we can make sure you data is safe!

How we help you make the most of backups

Cloud Backup

We set up a managed service to backup your data in timely increments to the cloud, with a one click restore feature.

help desk Kenosha Wisconsin, it support Kenosha Wisconsin

Onsite Data Redundancy

Data redundancy is the most important aspect of IT. If you have a hard drive that crashes, you can still keep working without interrupting production!

managed services Kenosha Wisconsin, managed services Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Network Storage Solutions

Do not fancy keeping your data in the cloud? We also specialize in setting up Network Storage. Having data at home can provide peace of mind.

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